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9:25 pm, Wednesday, 8 April 2009

当东西没有利用价值时,就成了废物。。。 人也不过如此!!



可是我也学会– 慈悲




Belated Present

10:33 pm, Saturday, 14 March 2009



Received this present 2 days ago. It’s a present for my belated birthday last month. Really very surprise. I still remember my birthday fell on the last day of our final professional exam. Everyone was worry about the result next day. Everyone was busy tidying up their own stuff and moving to Batu Pahat. Of course, I was not an exception. Just busy and stress throughout my birthday. Oh ya, Glen called me from London and wished me happy birthday. This was the 2nd time he called me. The last time was last birthday. Thank you very much.

This present reminds me that I am already 25. I am going to graduate and start working. Is on my own. No longer depends on my parents. Haha, actually just wanna prove that time really flies.

Thanks to the above people who share my present. Special thanks to CKH and LST who select the present. Also, thanks to the person who suggests the present. Appreciate the present very much.

Before I forget, let’s guess what it is……


It is nothing but a Polo wallet. Don’t understand? I have made my English very clear. Like that you have to say. 😀


9:26 am, Monday, 9 March 2009

Haih! Didn’t expect I have so many tasks to be completed in semester 10. Three portfolio to be written within this month and one CFCS  report to be submitted next week. Can’t even have a relax mind although I am back in my home town. This week has only 4 working days but still have to be on-call for 3 days and  do a weekend call as well. It is going to be a tired week for me 😦 Actually, I don’t mind to have long hours of working day but I just hate doing paperwork.

Really can’t wait to finish all my reports and concentrate on my work. How I wish they can be finished in one day……

Telekom & Streamyx Service in Batu Pahat

5:55 pm, Thursday, 5 March 2009

I used to lodge a lot of complaints about streamyx when I was in Seremban or even at home. However, to my surprise, the Batu Pahat TM Point is extremely efficient.

Monday – Registered my phoneline.

Tuesday – Phoneline fixed.

Wednesday – Streamyx activated.

Thurdasy – Able to online.

Wow, I am only 4 day internetless… Unlike Seremban, I remembered I waited for 3 weeks to gain access to internet and suffered another 4 weeks of turtle like connection speed before my RM88 per month worth it.

P/S : On-call again tonight…already 3rd on-call of the week…tired…wish to go back so much…but a lot of paper works waiting need to be completed by next week 😦


Goodbye Seremban, Here I am Batu Pahat

12:00 am, Sunday, 1 March 2009

Two years in Seremban, not sure whether it is considered a long duration. Left the place which I wished to leave as soon as possible last week. But somehow, I start missing the place. Miss the hospital, miss my lecturers and the food as well (beef noodle and banana leaf rice…). Six months later, I will have a chance to revisit this place. I have to work hard to make sure that I am able to bring back the title with me in the next visit 🙂


Batu Pahat, to me, is a new place. Visited only once or twice when I was still young. Not much memory about this place. Now, I am going to spend 6 months here. Gonna explore this mystery place next week. Looking forward to work in the new hospital and taste the delicious food (nasi beryani…). Hope to bring back some memorable moment from this place 😀

TFTD is back!!!!!!

10:22 am, Friday, 27 February 2009


TFTD has been missing in action for 2 months. Where did he go? What had he done? Actually, he is busy with

1. Preparation for Final Professional Exam Part 1 (Outcome : PASS!!!)

2. Shifting from Seremban to Batu Pahat (Outcome : DONE!!)

3. Blog renovation (Outcome : IN PROGRESS!)

Now, TFTD is back, with a new blog design, and will active blogging again soon (once he is able to access to internet in Batu Pahat).

By the way, feel free to leave comments about the new design 🙂

Merry Birthday to TFTD!!!

6:44 am, Friday, 20 February 2009


Happy birthday to TFTD!

From Nemo and friends 🙂